Good morning everyone! It's been a little while since my last posting, sorry about that. I recently started taking some online classes and have been busy busy! I found this great website,, that has over 500 courses you can take on everything from medical terminology to tarot reading! If you're looking for a legitimate college education, this is NOT what you're looking for, you don't earn college credits taking these classes, but you do get CEU's, or continuing education units, and certificates for the classes you complete. You can pay per class, or you can get a year long membership and take as many classes as you like. If you are like me and like to learn new things but don't have the time or financial commitment to enroll in a college, then you should definitely check this out. The classes are fun and easy! And no, I did not get endorsed by them to say that, I just really a enjoying the classes I'm taking.
    I just completed my first class, Meditation 101! There are more advanced meditation classes, and I will get into one of those later on, but for now I do feel like I have a pretty good handle on what meditation is and how to begin a practice. Have you ever thought about taking up a meditation practice? It's really not as intimidating or challenging as I thought it would be. And you don't have to be of a certain religion, or religious at all to meditate. Yes, it is a spiritual practice, but remember spirituality and religion are not the same thing. There are many health benefits to meditating, so if anything, give it a shot for your health. I will warn you however, that meditation is not something to just dabble in, it does take a commitment to fully gain the benefits of it. But this commitment can be 5 minutes a day if that's all you have time for. And contrary to popular belief you do not have to sit on the floor with your feet twisted up like a pretzel, you can just as easily meditate while sitting in a chair.
    So what are some of the health and spiritual benefits of meditating? Well I'm glad you asked, the list is long, but I will give you some of the major points. Meditation can lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, strengthen your immune system, ease symptoms of IBS and other gastrointestinal issues. It can help people with breathing problems, depression anxiety, fatigue, memory loss, and even help you become more productive and creative in your day to day life. Again these are only SOME of the benefits.
    All you need to do to start a meditation practice is 5 minutes and an alarm or timer (like the one built in to every smart phone). Chose whether you want to sit on the floor or in a chair. If you're sitting in a chair sit on the edge, not resting your back against the chair, but sitting straight up, feet firmly on the floor. If you choose to sit, again you want your back straight, don't slouch. You do not have to hold your hands out, or make a circle with your fingers. Just sit comfortably, quiet and still. Don't be afraid to move if you get uncomfortable. You can add music if you like, but it is not necessary. All you do during meditation is focus one one thing. When you are first starting out, this focus will be on your breathing. I'll get more into this later, but for now just sit and breath, you can breath deeply if that is comfortable. Concentrate on your breath, imagine it going in and out. Each time you feel your mind wonder, or you catch yourself thinking of something other than your breath, gently pull your attention back to your breathing. Don't be hard on yourself for letting your mind drift, just acknowledge that it did, and regain focus on your breath. It is not as easy as it sounds, but that's it, that's all there is to it. You are working your "attention" muscle. If you can keep your attention and focus one one thing, you will learn to be more present in each moment of your life! Give it a try, you will soon feel the relaxation your body has needed, just by sitting quietly for a few moments a day, you can give yourself so much more!
    I really didn't feel like sitting around the house today. Mostly because I had a lot cleaning to do and I really didn't want to. Besides, it's October, the leaves are changing color and covering the roads, and the sun was shining,, so naturally I felt that a mini road trip was in order. I decided to stick close to home, but check out some places I've never been. And the things I found were beautiful. It was the perfect October road trip, with just the right amount of spook, and all of the autumn color one could hope for! Why not take a road trip of your own, check out the hidden nooks and crannies of your neighborhood, you might be surprised what you find! Make sure to read the captions on each picture!
Much Love!
    I recently told you all that I was taking my family on vacation to The Happiest Place On Earth, Disneyland! We were only in the parks for 2 days, but we were able to cross most everything off of our list! Disneyland was so busy on Sunday that you could hardly see through the crowds, so we decided to dip over to Disney California Adventure where the crowds were lighter and the lines were shorter. We were actually able to ride Radiator Springs Racer's TWICE! This was a pretty big deal considering the wait time for that ride is typically 90 minutes or more. We actually got very lucky because a very kind stranger who was leaving the park gave us these special Club 33 FastPass tickets. If you don't know what any of that means don't worry, it's not important to the story. Basically that stranger saved us hours of waiting in line, and if I knew who that stranger was, I would send her a basket of mini muffins. It is little things like this, these random acts of kindness that stand out to me, and can make a day so much more special.
    On Monday we spent the whole day in Disneyland, riding Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion Holiday, and so much more! We gorged ourselves on Dole Whips, corn dogs, and churro's. At Disneyland, you are so immersed in the detail, the richness, and the history of the park, that it doesn't take much to give you the feel goods. It truly is a heartwarming place. We did have our ups and downs, it is unrealistic to expect perfection and 100 percent happy attitudes, but nonetheless, it is a very magical place.
    One of my most favorite things about visiting Disneyland is all the great people watching I get to do. It is amazing to see families spending quality time together, or to see the look on a little girls face when she meets a Disney Princess, there are just so many positive and wonderful things going on every where you turn. For instance, I was making my way from Fantasy Land to Tomorrow Land when I noticed a young gentleman signaling one of the parks photographers. I stopped as to not interrupt the picture, and quickly realized that he was about to propose to his girl friend. With the bright Disney lights, the smell of waffle cones in the air, and the quaint music floating by, it was a very magical proposal indeed. She said yes by the way. It was a moment I'll never forget, to witness something so raw and vulnerable. But even that wasn't the highlight of my people watching, or the trip in general.
    On Monday evening I attended Mickey's Halloween Party with my family. This made for excellent people watching because everyone was in costume (well almost everyone)! Normally Disney does not allow costumes in the parks unless you're a small child, so this was a rare treat, and we saw some great costumes! But none was as incredible as Snow White and Prince Charming. I don't mean the "real" Snow and Charming, employed by Disney, but a much truer version.
    I was walking down Main Street, USA (in Disneyland) looking for a good spot to stop and watch the parade. Coming towards me was the sweetest, most amazing couple I have every seen. I wish more than anything I was able to to get a picture of them, but the moment was so fleeting there wasn't time. And even though it was only a moment in time, it is one I will always remember. Sitting in a wheel chair, was an elderly woman, who couldn't have been younger than 85. It was obvious that she was not in good health, she was folded up in the chair, head cocked to the side, clearly she had suffered one or more strokes, and possibly other major issues. She was not an attractive woman in the traditional sense, balding and wrinkled. But she was dressed in the most beautiful Snow White gown you have ever laid eyes on.
    I watched closely as she approached, not staring, not pitying, just observing, and I am so glad I was, because there behind her, pushing the wheel chair, was her Prince Charming. A man, also about 85 years or older, dressed in the most elaborate Prince Charming costume, stood tall and proud, still strong, walking with his Princess through the streets of the Happiest Place on Earth. I watched as he bent down to whisper something in her ear, and I saw the sparkle in her eye that told me he must have something incredibly sweet. And then they were gone. I stopped and turned to watch as he disappeared with her into the crowd. It was such an incredible sight that I had to take a moment to compose myself.
    The image of this aging but still proud man, escorting his decrepit bride, as if she were as young and beautiful as the day he married her, through the crowded streets of a Disney Halloween party, was the most breath taking thing I have ever seen! It is moments like this that give us hope, and joy, and determination to push on, to become something better, or strive for something bigger. It is moments like this that  stick with us forever, and remind us that we are all capable of amazing things! If a sight like that doesn't resonate deep down in your soul, I don't know what will. So here I sit, giving a metaphorical toast to Snow White and her Prince Charming, may they continue to inspire for more years to come!
Much Love!
    I don't know about you, but I love to read books! Ever since I was a kid books have been my best friends, each one is a new adventure, a new role to play. For me, reading a great book is like living the life of the characters you identify with. You could say that by reading 1,000 books, you have lived 1,000 lives. And you could say that as long as you have a good book, you'll never be alone.
    Everyone has different ideas on what makes a good book, and we all have our preferences, mystery, romance, true crime etc. Me? I'll read anything, I'll read the back of a cereal box, I read the shampoo labels when I'm in the shower. I love the classics like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, as well as the run of the mill airport paperbacks . But nothing is quite as good for your mind and soul as a book that teaches you something new.
    Is there anything you've always wanted to know more about, a subject or an event in history that has always intrigued you? Is there a destination you've always wanted to visit, like Ireland or Africa? Why not go to your local book store and pick up a book on what interests you! Often times we get lost in the hustle and bustle of every day life that we forget about our dreams, desires, our thirst for adventure, our bucket lists. Sure, reading a book about Ireland isn't the same as GOING to Ireland, but it's one step closer isn't it?
    In our daily lives we are so focused on the end goal, that we forget about the big wide world around us. We are so concerned with getting dinner on the table, that we forget about all of the amazing food from around the world that we have never tried. We are so concerned with performing well at work that we forget about the passions we once had.
    You might be thinking that you don't have time to read, or maybe you can't afford to buy books. But I really think these are not valid excuses (I'm not trying to be mean). With technology the way it is today, we can can get books in all forms. You can get your hands on a real, physical book, (the way I prefer) you can download books to your computer, tablet, smart phone, and you can get an audio book, pop that sucker into your CD player in your car and listen to it on your way to work. Get an ebook and read it on your lunch break, read a few pages in the car while you're waiting for you kid's at school. And if you think you can't afford it, I'm not saying you should go out and buy a new book every week, or buy a brand new book, used books and library books are fine, and a lot of ebooks only cost a few dollars. Maybe you can skip the Starbucks coffee once or twice a week, and take that money to your local book store instead.
    Honestly I cannot think of a better way to improve your inner self, brighten and feed your soul, than to read a book that truly inspires you, and get's you thinking about all of the dreams, passions, and plans you once had, and are still lying dormant somewhere inside you.
    I challenge you to really think about all the things you want to know about and learn, and get a book on the topic. Bring it home, make yourself a cup of coffee, tea, cocoa, or even crack open a beer or pour a glass of wine, get comfortable and open that book. I guarantee  you will feel something, excitement, peace, warmth, right there deep down in your soul.

Much love!
    In my last post I mentioned that I was getting ready to go on vacation with my family. I also mentioned that I was having a hard time getting motivated to prepare for this vacation. That's not because I'm not out of my mind excited about the trip, it's just because my energy level has been so low lately.
    I am actually like stupid excited for this trip. We are going to The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim CA! This will be our second trip to Disneyland as a family. I went once when I was 8 years old and barely remember it, my husband or children had never been before last year. We celebrated my youngest son's birthday the first trip, and this time we get to celebrate my oldest son's birthday!
    Why am I talking about Disneyland on a blog about a journey to a peaceful soul? Well if you are a Disnerd, or Disney fanatic like me, you already get it. If you're not, I can't really explain it, it's a feeling of complete magic, nostalgia an child wonderment being in that park! Disneyland is my happy place, I would live there if I could, just give me a cot in the corner of the Haunted Mansion and I'll be happy. If you've never been, or haven't been in a long time, look into it, see if you can't plan a trip, I promise you it is worth the money! There are ton's of blogs and vlogs out there that are much better equipped to give you more details on planning a Disneyland trip, Pinterest is also a great source. I've never used a travel agent in planning a trip to DLR, but I've heard you can get great deals. Some of my favorite Disney related blogs are from Fresh Baked Disney, Justin Scarred, and LiveFastDiePoor. These are YouTube channels that offer tours, ride thru's, hidden secrets and more about Disneyland Resort. If you want to plan a trip just visit and start exploring. I'll do some more blogs on Disney later on.
    There are many things I love about Disney, and Disneyland, but the one thing I love most is that it gives me an opportunity to make life long memories with my family. It is a trip every single person in a family can enjoy. Even if you think you aren't a big Disney fan, I'd be willing to bet money that you would have a blast at DLR. The rides are unlike anything you've ever seen, the good is amazing, the entertainment is great, what's not to love? Anyhow, being able to take my boys (husband included) and on this particular trip, my mother in law, just fills my heart with so much joy. I know we will all hold onto these memories forever, and in the end that is what counts. So it doesn't have to be a Disney trip if it really isn't your thing, but I do encourage you to plan some sort of family vacation. Find a spot, near or far, and go, take your kids, spouse, significant other, your sister, whoever you hold dear to you, and go make memories. Not only does it give you a chance to unwind, let loose, you get to bond with your loved ones and have a lot of fun, and those are all good for a peaceful soul. Much Love!

    You know those days when you just can't for the life of you get motivated? It has been one of those days for me. Yesterday I spent all morning and afternoon helping my best friend load her entire house into a 26ft moving truck, so as you can imagine I am ridiculously sore today. I was supposed to spend all day yesterday doing laundry, cleaning the house, and packing for my vacation coming up in 3 days, but did I do that? No.... I put it off until today, except today I feel like I've been hit by that 26ft moving truck and I don't want to do a single thing.
    So I'm laying here in bed, muscles screaming at me, asking myself "how am I going to get motivated?" I mean, our bags are not going to pack themselves, the toilets aren't self cleaning (can I get one that is?), and to my utter disdain, the laundry will not wash, dry, and put itself away. So how you ask, do I find that tiny smidgen of ambition or motivation inside me, and extract it for use? I have a few tricks up my sleeve, some obvious ones, and some not so obvious. Let's start with the obvious... music. Music is a wonderful tool to use in all situations, and the type of music you listen to can greatly effect your mood. In this case, I need something that's going to lift me out of this funk I'm in and get my blood moving. I am very, very eclectic when it comes to music, so I do apologize if my taste in music does not suit you, but you'll get the general idea. So I'm thinking something that will get my feet tapping, once the foot starts tapping, it isn't long before the head starts bobbing and the hips start shaking. So think about a favorite song that you love to sing along to, something upbeat, maybe something you haven't heard in awhile. For today in particular I chose "Fallin' by Connie Francis." If you've never heard it I encourage you to take a listen, and don't be surprised when your feet start tapping away. I can also pretty much guarantee that ANYTHING by Queen will also get the job done! Alittle Bohemian Rhapsody anyone?

    Now let's talk about some of the not so obvious ways to pull that motivation out of hiding. I am a huge coffee lover, I'm a Seattle girl what would you expect? And even though life pretty much begins and ends with coffee, it isn't necessary in this application. Sure if I'm really dragging and can't keep my eyes open, I'll give in to the coffee God's, but when I need a serious boost of solid ambition, I drink water! Often times we feel so out of sorts and sluggish for a very simple reason... dehydration, it can really mess you up, and the solution is so simple, drink water. The next time you're in a funk chug a nice cold glass of water, maybe add a slice of lemon for an extra boost, it really does help.
    Here in Washington Vitamin D is a major deal, I mean huge, enormous, gigantic, enorgantic?... Anyway, yes it's SOMEWHAT true that us Washingtonian's don't get a whole lot of sun (although it isn't as bad or dramatic as the rest of the country thinks) so taking extra Vitamin D is crucial to overall health and a healthy energy supply. Most of you know this, but did you know that you probably aren't taking enough? Remember, I am not a doctor and the information given here is solely my opinion, please do not add, change, or stop a medical regime without consulting your doctor. With that said, when I was first diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency, I was given a prescription for 50,000 IU's a week. Yes you read that right... 50 thousand IU's, (international units). Now instead of the one giant prescription pill a week, I take 10,000 IU's a day, 5 days a week. It is difficult to find in that high of a dose, but the Solaray brand does carry it, and you can pick it up on amazon by clicking the link, or get it at Super Supplements. Another interesting thing about Vitamin D, is that it is actually a hormone, not a vitamin in the traditional sense. So you see, it is very essential to your health. Even if you live in a sunnier state, you could be lacking in proper Vitamin D function, so if you are finding yourself feeling sluggish or fatigued often do some research,v get a blood test, it can't hurt.
    My other go to vitamin for energy is B12. We see it all over the place, its in immune system boosting supplements, energy drinks, vitamin drink effervescent tablets, you name it. But did you know that there is more than one form of B12, and the kind you're taking might not be the right one? The majority of your drug store variety B12, or B12 containing products are of the cyanocobalamin form, but what you want is the methylcobalamin form. Basically the cyanocobalamin is NOT found in nature, it is a synthetic, lab made supplement... in the words of Jimmy Fallon, "ew." The methylcobalamin form is the type of B12 that comes from nature, and is essential for proper neurological function, as well as good liver function and solid energy levels. Go check the label on your vitamins and make sure you have the right stuff! When I found out from my naturalistic doctor that I had been taking the wrong stuff all these years I was furious. So much wasted time and money, not to mention the fact that I was putting more chemicals in my body and didn't even know it. 

    For my last trick I'm presenting to you the power of essential oils! If you have not heard of these magnificent oils, please stop what you are doing, and google them. But most likely you have heard of them, if not tried them yourself. So what are my favorite pick me up, need a boost oils? I love lemon, lemongrass, orange, lime, peppermint, and this stress relief blend by Eden's Garden. Essential oils are great for many, many things, and we will talk more about them I promise. For this application, using them as aromatherapy is best. You can just open the bottle and sniff away, breathing deeply, or you can put it in a diffuser, or oil burner, or even wear it around your neck. I picked up an essential oils locket style necklace on amazon. It opens to a small cotton pad where you can put a few drops of your oil, close it up and wear it wherever you go, pretty neat huh? Here's the necklace. There are so many different styles to choose from, so shop around if you have to have one of these like I did.
    So there you have it, my tricks for getting motivated! For whatever reason you're having a hard time pulling yourself together and accomplishing those goals, however big or small, I hope you find these tips helpful. Now that I have spent so much time writing this blog, I really, really need to go rotate my laundry. Have a great evening everyone! Much Love!
Almost nothing makes me happier than being on the beach! The ocean just feels like home to me. These photo's were taken on a summer camping trip to Oregon!
    Hi there readers, thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you ended up here at Soul Vibe, it's a wonderful place to find whatever it is your soul is craving. We all need that little something extra every now and then, and it is my dream to help you get it!
    Ever since I was a kid I've always known I wanted to help people. Certain events occurred in my life (more on that later), that set me down this path of healing. Although I always knew I wanted to help change peoples lives, it is only recently that I figured out how. For as long as I can remember I have been the friend people come to in times of need. I have been the member in my family that is always called upon for help. I have been the shoulder to cry on, the ear to listen, the one to give advice and so much more. I've been told time and time again, "Just being around you makes me feel so much better."
    I wasn't always thrilled with this role I had been given. It can be quite daunting to constantly be called upon, and often times I found it emotionally draining to be this person. I would get anxiety, panicky, nauseous, and tired when I was around friends and family. I thought to myself, I just can't handle being this girl everyone turns to. But one day, I met a woman who told me the exact opposite. She told me it was my gift, that I was perfectly capable of handling it, all I needed to do was embrace it. She held my hands and looked directly at me and asked, "why aren't you a healer?"
     After much elaboration  on her part, and being dumbfounded on mine, a light bulb went off over my head. I realized that I had unknowingly been going down this path of healing for a long time. It wasn't an accident I ran into this lady who could see right through my soul. I have been on a path of spiritual awakening for quite some time, I am only now starting to recognize it. Whether you are searching for your own spiritual awakening, or just some tips and tricks to help get you through some tough times, I am so excited to share my journey with you. and hopefully help you to heal your soul. Even if you don't feel you are all that spiritual, I guarantee you can find something here to put a smile on your face. Believe me, when I started learning about becoming a healer, and spiritual awakenings, I thought to myself, what kind of weird stuff am I getting into. But it is a beautiful experience, one I still have so far to go. But I am a fun, lighthearted, goofy girl who is here to offer many ways of brightening our spirits! I hope you enjoy the blog, and I hope you continue to read and share. If there is ever anything I can help you with, concerns or questions you have, please email me using the link at the top of this page!

With Love